HoneyComb AMD V3000 mini ITX Quick Start Guide





The following quick start guide provides background information about the Honeycomb Ryzen V3000 products which use the Ryzen V3000 System on module.

The guide will give a technical overview about the product and by the end of it you should be able to boot an operating system and begin testing your application.

Revision and Notes


Hardware Setup

Product Specifications


Honeycomb Ryzen V3000


Honeycomb Ryzen V3000


3 x USB 2.0

3 x USB 3.0


2 x SFP+ ports (10GbE each)
1 x 1GbE copper (RJ45)


AMD Ryzen Embedded V3C18I
8c/16t up to 3.8 GHz

Memory & Storage

Up to 64GB DDR5 4800 MTPs
2x SATA interfaces
M.2 NVME GEN 4.0 x4


BMC functionality
PWM Fan header

Development and Debug interfaces

mini USB


ATX standard

Expansion card I/Os

PCIe x4 Gen 4.0


Industrial: -45°C to 85°C


PCBA: 170 x 170mm


Block Diagram

Coming soon…

Visual features overview

Please see below the features overview of the HoneyComb AMD V3000 mini ITX


Software Setup

Cable setup and prerequisites

Here is what you will need to power up the board:

  • Linux or Windows PC

  • HoneyComb AMD V3000 mini ITX

  • ATX 60W+

  • Mini-USB to USB for console, the HoneyComb Ryzen V3000 has an onboard FTDI chip.

  • IP router or IP switch

Please refer to the tested SFP modules page

Booting the machine

Download & install images:

You can use the Ubuntu server installation instructions page or download Pre-installed images.

If using the Pre-installed image, flash it to a USB stick using the following commands:

gunzip <image_name.img.gz> dd if=<image_name.img> of=/dev/sdx bs=1M status=progress; sync

NOTE: check the /dev/sdx device you need using the lsblk command


Booting to OS

Insert the USB stick to the device and power it on.

Wait for the device to boot.

Very first boot might take a while due to DDR training


SFP Modules

For some SFP modules that work on SolidRun networking hardware platforms, please refer to SFP Modules .

SO-DIMM Modules

For some SO-DIMM modules that work on SolidRun hardware platforms, please refer to List of tested SO-DIMMs .

OS list

* HoneyComb AMD V3000 by default is headless and will require additional hardware to install Windows using a display adapter.
** As of JUL 7 2024 (FreeBSD 14.01) the AMD XGBE driver on FreeBSD does not fully support SFP later version will eventually have the driver fixed.

Build From Source

  • Buildroot image is to be added








Schematics and Board Layout


Mechanical files

To be added



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