Bedrock V3000 Accessories

Evaluation kits

Full evaluation kit for Bedrock V3000 Basic

The recommended kit for evaluating Bedrock V3000 Basic.

The kit includes:

Ordering code: SRBD-R7BEVAL

Minimal evaluation kit for Bedrock

Minimal evaluation kit is a low cost kit for trying out Bedrock.

The kit includes:

Ordering code: SRBD-EVMIN

M.2 display adapter

Turns the headless Bedrock V3000 into a development board with a display. Simplifies initial setup and OS installation.

The kit includes:

  • M.2 display adapter (SM768)

  • HDMI cable



SFP+ Module DAC

SFP Module - direct attached cable

SFP+ Module Copper

SFP+ module with RJ45

SFP+ Module Fiber

SFP Module for Fibre Optics cable


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