Bedrock V3000 Errata

Ubuntu kernel version

Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 has kernel 5.15 which does not include the AMD_XGBE driver versionrequired for V3000 SFP modules.

Bluetooth LED

Bluetooth LED does not work.


Swapped RJ45 LEDs in ports 3,4.

Applies to Bedrock V3000 units earlier than 16-Oct-2023 with SN smaller than B3D-231016-001

PMIC programming

Random crashes due to incorrect PMIC programming.

Applies to some Bedrock V3000 units earlier than 5-Sep-2023 with SN smaller than B3D-230905-001

To verify PMIC programming please follow the instructions below:

  1. download the RyzenAdj utility to Bedrock:

  2. run: ./ryzenadj -i | grep "TDC VALUE VDD"

Expected value is greater than 2.8 when Bedrock is in idle.


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