Bedrock V3000 BIOS Settings


How to enter BIOS settings

  • Connect power to Bedrock V3000 then press (DEL / ESC) continuously until BIOS screen shows up.

Make BIOS screen look better on console

  • Advanced > Serial Port Console Redirection > Console Redirection Settings set terminal type: VT-UTF8

  • save and reset

How to check BIOS version

  • Enter BIOS settings

  • In Main tab look for Project Version

  • The Project Version string has the format 0ASCSK 0.00.0XX
    XX is the BIOS version

Main screen


  • BIOS Information

    • BIOS version can be seen on line: Project Version 0ASCSK 0.00.0XX where XX is the version.

  • System Language

  • System Date

  • System Time


Power screen


  • CPU Power Settings:

    • Default CPU Power Settings (default setting)

    • CPU Power Limit Enabled (opens multiple settings):

      • CPU Power Limit (W): CPU power limit in watts, value entered manually

      • Core Performance Boost: Auto / Disabled

      • Global C-state Control: Auto / Disabled / Enabled

    • dvanced CPU Power Settings (opens multiple settings):

Advanced screen


  • Enable/disable TPM

  • Enable/disable PCR Banks

  • Clear TPM pending operation

  • Enable/disable Platform Hierarchy

  • Enable/disable Storage Hierarchy

  • Enable/disable Endorsement Hierarchy

  • Device Select (TPM version)

  • Enable/disable Disable Block Sid

  • Choose TPM device

  • Erase fTPM

  • Enable/disable ACPI Auto Configuration

  • Enable/disable Hibernation: enables to go into S4 sleep state

  • ACPI Sleep State: decide what ot do on sleep suspend to RAM / suspend disabled

  • Enable/disable Lock Legacy Resources

  • Wake system from S5: Disabled / Fixed Time / Dynamic Time

  • Displays 4 Intel NICs if they are present and flashed:

    • when chosen displays brief NIC info, link status and MAC address.

  • Driver Health: displays Intel NICs driver status: Healthy / Not Healty.

Chipset screen



Security screen


Boot screen


Save & Exit screen





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