HummingBoard CBi RS485 and CAN bus

Test CAN bus communication

1. Enable device can0 (for ex):

ip link set can0 up type can bitrate xxxxxx
  • (ex: 125000)

2. Bring the CAN interface up:

ifconfig can0 up

To discover your CAN bus interface name, please run ‘ ip link show ’.

3. To start testing the CanBUS, you have to install the can-utils package by running:

sudo apt-get install -y can-utils
  • For more information, please follow the  CAN-Utils, which are available for Debain/Ubuntu etc.

4. Print all data received by CAN interface to “can_test” file (for ex):

5. Send data to the bus by executing (for ex):

6. Check received data by opening “can_test” file:

Test RS-485 communication

An example for testing RS485 communication:

1. Open a test file “rs485_test”

2. Print received data to “rs485_test” file:




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