SFP Modules

SolidRun networking hardware platforms support SFP modules. Recent Linux kernel releases support automatic discovery and configuration of SFP modules. Given the wide diversity and occasional poor standard conformance of SFP modules in the market, not all modules work out of the box. But many do. For best results use kernel version 5.1 or newer.

Here is a list of tested SFP modules that are known to work on SolidRun networking hardware platforms.

1G Copper Ethernet

  • Linktel LX1801CNR

1G Optical Transceiver

  • 10Gtek ASF85-24-X2

  • Wave Optics WO-SWS-1215-003K/WO-SWS-1213-003K (asymmetric wavelength pair)

10G Direct Attach

  • 10Gtek CAB-10GSFP-P1M

10G Optical Transceiver

  • 10Gtek AXS85-192-M3

  • Finisar FTLX8571D3BCL

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