LX2162A SOM Errata List

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November 19, 2022

Rabeeh Khoury


Released information

May 2, 2023

Rabeeh Khoury


Errata fix

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Short Description


Affected PCB rev

Fix or workaround

SD1 lane #0 not functional

Due to design bug serdes SD1 lane #0 LX2162 receive are shorted and due to that not functional. The ssignal names are SD1_RX0_N and SD1_RX0_P on the board to board header.


Fixed and verified in PCB rev 1.1

Will be fixed in rev 1.1

Fan controller PWM not functional. Tachometer and temperature sensors are functional.

Due to design bug, the AMC6821 temperature sensor and fan controller has it’s THERM# signal pulled down permanently, which forces the fan controller to set the RPM to the maximum (PWM signal becomes fixed).

Notice that the Tachometer is still functional and unrelated to the THERM# signal.


Fixed and verified in PCB rev 1.1

Will be fixed in rev 1.1


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