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Resolved MAC addresses + DPMAC11



HW bugs workaround


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Short Description


Affected PCB rev

Fix or workaround

upper 10Gbps SFP+ Port can not link up

It appears that the upper 10Gbps SFP+ port transmits a signal, but does not receive. Consequently the interface never detects a link.

This could be either SW or HW issue, to be determined.


SoM revision 1.0 had a short on the rx line. Fixed by upgrading to revision 1.1 or later.
All units shipped have SoM 1.1 or later.

2x 2.5Gbps RJ45 not supported

2 of the 8 RJ45 ports can from the hardware support 2.5Gbps ethernet. Software support for this configuration is incomplete.


Limit to 1Gbps.

1x RJ45 port can’t receive or transmit.

The second RJ45 port on the left, in bottom row while looking from the front currently can neither transmit nor receive.

Likely cause is a bug in NXPs networking firmware for the SoC.


Resolved by Software Update: SoC DEVDISR2 register had wrongly disabled dpmac11, causing tx/rx failure.

MAC addresses randomised

Random MAC addresses are assigned to network interface after booting Linux, even though specific ones are stored on EEPROM.


Resolved by Software Update.

SFP+ MOD_ABS signal fail to detect module

HW bug - missing PU resistors to MOD_ABS signal

REV 1.1

Added 10K resistors to each of the buffers - U1706, U1707, U1708 and U3003 from pin #1 to pin #5

*see attached instructions

3.3V has a low voltage around 2.7V

HW bug - voltage drop on O-Ring diodes due to low current rating of the component

REV 1.1

Remove D48 and assemble 0ohm 1/2W 0603 resistor from pin #1 to pin #3

*see attached instructions

SFP+ fail to link up on optics module

HW bug - TX_DIS is floating causing optic transceiver to shut Tx laser due to module internal PU

REV 1.1

Stitching of TX_DIS to GND

*see attached instructions

patterns.*xlsx, .*pdf, .*dxf